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It's a Mask Revolution

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Common questions that might help you better understand our company and products

Turf Mask

"Do I need to water my lawn after using Turf Mask"

Turf Mask

You can actually water or it can rain and as long as the product had sufficient time to dry and set-up.  Water exposure will not impact the green grass coating and you should please remember that grass is a dynamic living plant. Watering it yourself or being aware of rainfall that took place will ensure the grass root system survives.  Consider that the watering frequency can be reduced, as the green appearance will now be achieved by Turf Mask.  We always encourage you to maintain the health of your grass. 

Turf Mask

"What is the product mix ratio"

Turf Mask

Dilution is up to the applicator but mixing at different concentrates can change the colour and ultimately the coverage rate.  For lighter shades add more water and for darker shades add less water.   The recommended water to concentrate ratio is 10-1.  If you prefer a more natural look with golden brown undertones, you can also adjust the application technique being mindful of the coverage and colour as it is applied.

Turf Mask

"Is the Turf Mask Coating Toxic"

Turf Mask and Mulch Mask

Turf Mask Coating is safe and non toxic.  The same goes for its sister product Mulch Mask, it is also safe and non toxic.  Safe to use around Children, Pets, and other Plant Life.  

Turf Mask

"What is the environmental impact"

Turf Mask

We can tell you that our product is non toxic and will not damage or kill the grass/turf and it will also have no harmful impact on surrounding plant life. Also, consider what the typical household is doing today to manage and maintain a green lawn in the Summer months.  Several households have a daily if not twice a day watering routine.  Canadians use a massive amount of water each year to levels where we are actually World leaders in recreational water consumption - a trend and label worth changing.  Growing grass requires gallons of fuel for mowing not to mention the impact of chemical based fertilizers and pesticides combined with the energy output to manufacture those products, all contributing to a chemical contributing footprint in these households.  The current lawn maintenance solutions that require these massive amounts of petroleum and chemicals can easily be linked to air pollution and water pollution and possibly Global Warming.

Turf Mask

"I needed this product last Summer when my course was so dry and my reservoir was at extremely low levels.  Can you provide the product in larger formats"

Turf Mask

This solution is not only a great innovative option for golf course aesthetics but also real estate agents , event/wedding planners and obviously landscape professionals that should have this project ready-to-spray and build it into their system for completing their regular maintenance services.  Why not leave your customers with grass/turf that is green and free of damage spots. Spend the extra minutes and do a once over touch up using Turf Mask.  Your customers will notice the difference and will most certainly appreciate the attention to detail and extra effort.  Position it as part of your regular service or as an upgrade.  The Instant Green solution is now available.

Larger format packaging is available - 5 gal pails and 55 gal drums.  Larger tote formats are available by special request.

Canada 150 Logo Stencil Kit

"When can I order a Canada 150 Stencil Kit can I also order kits for different surfaces"

Canada 150 Stencil Kit

You can now order our Canada 150 Logo Stencil Kit.  Kits are available for application on natural grass, artificial turf, asphalt and concrete.

Athletic Field Marking

"We work in a city environment and health and safety are important.  Do you have a low VOC option for athletic field marking "

Athletic Field Marking Paints

We absolutely have low VOC options for field marking paints as well as many other innovative characteristics including brighteners, quick dry, low temp. We also have access to an extensive product line that includes Good-Better-Best product lines.

Sales Agents or Distribution Opportunities

"is there an opportunity to join or partner with The Mask Corporation"

Sales Agents or Distribution Opportunites

We are currently looking to partner with independent sales agents in select Markets in Ontario that have not already been assigned.  Markets outside of Ontario will be considered as well.

We are open to reviewing new products for distribution opportunities.  If you have something unique and category related, we would be more than willing to discuss a possible partnership.